Grassroots Creativity Meets the Media Industry

The internet has changed the media in drastic ways over the years. Anyone has the ability to create content and upload it on the internet for the world to see. This notion allows for understated groups in the world speak freely about their ideas. “The web provides a powerful new distribution channel for amateur cultural production” (Jenkins, 2012). The web has allowed the free flow of ideas across the world giving a voice to those who have none.

The balance of power between product owners and fans is very uneven. Product owners rightly own all of the content they produce and characters they produce, but they cannot control fans. When something like Star Wars is created and becomes a cultural phenomena it is hard to control the mass following it cultivates. In every situation their is a product owner, but fans can range upwards to the hundreds of thousands, if not more. Fans appreciate the work that product owners put out, they do not create new and exciting material because they do not enjoy the content they do it for fun or as a hobby. Fandom allows for “consumers to act upon the represented world” (Jenkins, 2012). Many times people use a fandom as a way to escape or a way to celebrate the original creator’s work.

However, in the recently passed years fans have achieved almost too much power. Something that was originally supposed to be fun and celebrate the producer’s creative brilliance has turned into super-fans criticizing every creative decision the producer makes. The new Star Wars releases have exhibited just that, super-fans criticizing the creative direction and taking to the internet to put out their own versions, berate the actual version, and to spoil things for other fans.

Another example is the god awful movie Sharknado, and all of its sequels. Even though the first movie was absolutely horrendous, it still cultivated a following that consisted of individuals that thought it was so bad it was funny. Because of this cult-like following the movie earned equally as awful sequels. The fans were calling the shots in this situation and the producers of the content did as they were told and made more movies.


Mid/Post Production

This week my group plans to meet up and film our final project! I am so excited to start putting things in motion, we had so many creative ideas I have no doubts that it will all come together very well.

Throughout our entire process our group has mostly meshed together. We have been communicating via Group Me and Google Docs. Group Me has been vital in keeping our line of communication open keeping us in real time discussions, especially when a prompt decision needs to be made. Google Docs and Google Slides have helped us with our story boarding and scripting and being able to toggle back and fourth has been extremely convenient for the process.

Two milestones that we have accomplished so far are creating an amazing script and an amazing story board. We took the panels from our story board and easily transformed them into our script separating them into scenes. The dialogue for the script came easily because we roughly added dialogue to our story board. Figuring out where the screen cast would fit into the video and script was a bit more challenging but we were able to figure out how it all would flow best.

Two hurdles we have and will face are our timing restrictions and our editing. We are all busy college students with school work, jobs, internships, familial obligations and social lives. It has been tough to find a time that works for everyone to meet and work together to film. We did eventually figure out a plan that works for everyone and will benefit us overall. Our editing, I predict, will be our next biggest hurdle. Editing can make or break a video, and I do not want our project to seem cheesy. Luckily, Alanna has experience video editing so we may be in the clear. Only time will tell.

Possible Final Project Media Components

The picture above has been taking from Rutgers Undergraduate Academic Affairs’ University Career Services page. This picture has the potential to be useful in our final project because the topic of the project is Career Services. It would be great to use this picture because it is the header of their website and will be easily identifiable by any audience viewing our project. A way to incorporate this picture into the final project is in the beginning over the opening scene for a few seconds, just enough time to read it and identify what the topic of the following video will be. Another way would be to close out the final scene of the video with the picture, or perhaps have it at both the beginning and end.

I found Nicolai Heidlas’s album Upbeat Ukelele on Sound Cloud by using the Creative Commons search engine. The song Morning Sun from the album is the perfect upbeat and happy background song. In our final project we could most likely use this song in the opening, during the screencast or during the credits. The song is vibrant and easily brightened my mood, it would be a great way to close out our video to the audience because it would leave them relaxed with a positive attitude, and subconsciously they will associate the positive attitude with career services.

In my group’s final presentation video we plan on filming everything ourselves and have no plans to incorporate outside video. It is highly unlikely that we would even find any video footage that would fit the direction we are taking our project in. I choose this video because even though we probably won’t include it in our project, a frisbee (or other sports ball) will be used as a prop. The video above is very relaxing to watch as well.

The Story Board Process

Just as I had suspected, my group works amazingly well together and the creativity is always flowing. Deanna started the story board and the result was amazing. She was able to lay the foundation for our project by being so specific in her story boarding, writing dialogue, noting the camera motions and angles, and stating what the character will physically do in the scene. Our presentation will also feature a screencast which will make our presentation all the more professional. I am excited about the screencast because we will really be a able to capture the essence of Focus 2 and hopefully make the audience understand why it is a great tool to use when deciding your future.

Right now I do not see any pressing subject matter or elements that we need to add to our story board, but I also acknowledge that I am not the most creative person in our group. I look forward to speaking with my group to hear their other ideas for what our starboard should entail. The process storyboarding so far has been great and our team will certainly have a great end result from all of our hard work. I’m especially excited for the editing of this video because that is my strong suit. When adding the musical elements or anything else we did not directly produce I intend to pull material from the public domain to ensure that our video is perfectly legal if Rutgers’ career services decides to use our material.

Before Creating a Storyboard

Group projects have always been a major source of anxiety for me. The worry that you may get stuck with all the work, or the confrontation of creative differences always influenced me to seek out my teachers and ask if I could work alone. However, since I have become a college junior I have realized the importance to group projects fostering team work and the all-important fact that in the real world I have to work in groups, and I have to get over my fears.

So far our group has been great! Deanna, Alexa, Alanna, and I have all been in contact over Google docs and GroupMe suggesting different topics to do our project on and deciding what our vision is and what are the major points we would like to convey about career services. At first we had  differences on the topic we should present, but ultimately decided on featuring the career service, Focus 2.

Everyone has already exhibited great ideas for our project, we are lucky to have a group that is collectively creative and equally brilliant. Creating the story board should not be as difficult as a task as it sounds. I cannot wait to see all of our ideas come together on paper! I have no doubts about our ability as a group to make an amazing presentation for career services.

Mid Term in Review // Top 5

My creative process for the midterm was very awry at first. The original topic I picked for my mid-term blog was a Greek life blog on all things sorority. I was excited for this topic because Greek life has become such a huge part of my personal life here at Rutgers. However, when it came time to sit down and try to think of different concepts and pages I wanted to add to the blog I couldn’t think of much. Also, there are over thousands of Greek life blogs and after realizing that I came to the conclusion that a Greek life blog wasn’t something I would keep up with.

My next topic choice for my mid term blog scared me. Reading tarot cards is not something I bring up in daily conversation with acquaintances. After careful consideration, thinking about all the possible consequences that could happen by going forward with this blog, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go ahead with it. This is a topic I am fairly competent in and it is interesting to teach people about and there are not as many blogs on this subject as others. Once I made the decision to go ahead with the blog it was as easy as breathing or blinking. I enjoyed the whole process and really wanted to make my blog something that people could seek out and really find themselves in. Making the short video was my favorite part because I was able to give a bit of my world to my audience knowing that many will appreciate it. My first post was an introduction to me and how I intend to help my audience in their spiritual journey and I hope to post more content guiding people through their journey. Overall, I am very proud of my blog and intend to keep it going for other people like me who enjoy meditation, tarot, intuition, and the occult in general.

My top five mid term blogs are as follows:

  1. Makeup by Ang -
  2. Fork It Up –
  3. Happy and Healthy 365-
  4. Give Me the Aux -
  5. Just Go Shoot! -

Makeup by Ang

When you first enter the blog you can tell right away it its clean cut and beautiful in simplicity. I love that pictures she chose because it really captures what the blog is intended for. Linking the twitter and instagram accounts to the page is also a great idea to increase traffic to her other accounts as well as her site. The youtube video was my favorite part, it was put together very well and very professional. #MakeupSelfies was the second best part so fun and creative, very aesthetically pleasing! If someone were to see this blog they would never know it was created for an educational purpose.

Fork It Up

In the past few months food has become the hottest new trend and how would we know what to try without an amazing food blog?  Fork It Up’s blog post layout was very different and creative. I clicked on the first post featuring Playa Bowls and the photo was presented on the side of the page which made the meal look even more appetizing. The headers and graphics were all high quality photos which makes the site all the more trustworthy to people who happen to stumble upon the site. The screencast of Alanna’s pinterest board was a great addition to the site because it showed the variety we would eventually see on her blog within her posts, as well as documenting her experiences with each recipe.

Happy and Healthy 365

The topic of this blog is different than the usual ones you find online. A blog that caters to college students focusing on physical and mental health is really great concept that could really have an impact on many college students across the country. I enjoyed the layout for this blog as well, it is very fitting for the content provided. I think its amazing that all the photos were original as well as the video. The blog takes a three step approach to its topic; food, mental health, and physical health. Because it is not focusing on one single aspect of being “healthy”it makes it more credible to the audience. This is a blog I would follow and constantly look for new posts on to find more exciting ways of being healthy overall.

Give Me the Aux

This blog is completely original from the second your browser takes you to the site. The header is eye catching with the title of the blog at the top and the background picture saying, “HIP HOP Immortals.” The video produced titled “cultural conversations” was so well edited and very interesting I really hope actually becomes a series because I would constantly watch. Great music blogs are scarce but this is a great one. The layout is clear cut and easy to follow making the blog flow overall. I look forward to the next posts and being in touch with the latest music and hip hop trends.

Just Go Shoot!

The first thing I noticed about this blog was the liberal use of white space which is really great considering that the content of the blog is high quality photography and the main focus should be on that and not the surrounding areas of the photo. Jeff’s blog is an informative blog and its goal is to help people master the art of photography (or if you’re anything like me at least attempt to master the art of photography).  The screencast on how to edit a photo will really come in handy to those who have virtually no experience in the area, it is so helpful. There are multiple posts already and I look forward to there being more!


Video Editing


Making this movie was quite challenging. I struggled at first with the concept of screen casting, how to download the software, and learning how sensitive the program screencast-o-matic was. Getting the hang of iMovie was tough as well learning how to place captions onto the video gave me trouble, in and out of class. This sounds like the typical first time user of these programs, but in actuality, this was not my first movie in iMovie. My junior year of high school I had to make a video for my Spanish class with captions, transitions, title, and credits, but because I have not used the program in four years I have basically forgotten everything about it.  It was frustrating at first re-learning the process but I am grateful I relearned the program so I can start using it more.

I do not know too much about video games. Of the systems I had, my games usually consisted of material to keep the mind busy, they basically had no meaning. One game I had was Celebrity Death Match for Xbox which was different 90’s and early 2000’s celebrities being vulgar and fighting, the other game I had, Viva Piñata for Xbox 360, had absolutely no point but to busy the mind. I think video games can convey meaning whether it is implicit or explicit. In the examples Bogost gives us, the video game Balance of the Planet is a game that sends an explicit political message (coming from the Left), about the environment and how every action we perform there is a consequence with it. A game that has an implicit political message, in my opinion, is Call of Duty a shooting game that puts you in various locations (mostly the middle east) fighting “bad guys” but in reality the game is pushing messages from the right about fighting terrorism. Every game on the market has a message, otherwise there would be no point in producing it.

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